Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why do Brides Carry a Handkerchief at Their Wedding?

From June Hoffman and Erik Michaels of Megasound

Handkerchiefs have been used over the centuries and brides carry them at their weddings for a variety of reasons. Handkerchiefs are symbols of family crests or shields; and in many cases, a lady's colors (which knights would wear into battle). The most practical use for a bride is to dab away her tears of joy and happiness.

The wedding handkerchief is generally a bridal keepsake which a mother will then pass down to her daughter. Some families hand down this “something old” from generation to generation. Some brides hold their handkerchief with their bouquet and others tuck their hankie in their dress.

The bride’s handkerchief is one tradition that has held pretty much to it’s original intent and purpose. A plain Kleenex just doesn’t withstand the potential tearful treatment as would a handkerchief.

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